Mitchells Plain

Mitchells Plain is a predominantly coloured area on the Cape Flats in Cape Town. Population estimates range from 400 000 to 700 000. There are many people living in informal dwellings in backyards and so it is hard to know exactly how many people live in the area but the busy town centre, crowded shopping malls and overloaded taxis and trains are an indication of lots of people, desperately needing the hope held out in the Gospel.

Although, infamous for drug addicts, gangsterism, alcoholism and poverty, Mitchells plain is a vibrant, dynamic community. The township was created by the Apartheid Government when they forcefully removed coloured people from the leafy suburbs of Cape Town. But now it is a place where many choose to live to be close to family and friends. However poverty still dominates many parts of the Mitchells Plain landscape.

There is a church on every corner but much of the teaching consists of clich├ęs strung together encouraging members to part with their money in the hope that they might be more blessed as a result. Pastors are put on a pedestal and salvation by works is the dominant message.